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Innovative solutions for homebuilders

Insurance is not a commodity – it matters who your partners are. Homebuilders of all sizes respect insurance markets that understand and share their long-term passion for the industry. Homebuilders are fiercely independent and entrepreneurial – as are we.

Our team has decades of experience in the residential construction liability marketplace and have long-standing insurance relationships with the majority of builders we insure.

Not only does this mean that there is a great deal of history and unique insight into the builders themselves, but we understand how to navigate our way through the ever evolving housing and insurance environment.

We were formed to create a more efficient solution for those builders that are dedicated to doing everything possible to resolve home-owner complaints and maintain a positive reputation with their homebuyers. A successful insurance program works with builders, not against them.

The cove product
  • A unique GL and Warranty coverage policy form that allows the builder to work in partnership with the insurer
  • Crediting post-1 year builder repairs towards erosion of the SIR
  • Written as a traditional practice policy, Rolling OCIP/CCIP or project specific policy
  • In-house policy limits of up to $20m
  • $100m+ of Excess capacity available on a follow form basis above in-house limits
  • Condominium, Townhomes and mixed use are eligible
  • Condo conversion coverage available
The Cove Homebuilder client
  • Between 10 and 15,000 housing starts over a period of up to 3 years
  • Regional, multi-state or national
  • Homebuilders that believe that protecting one’s reputation is key to survival
  • Quality control, safety and long-term customer satisfaction part of builders’ business plan
  • Recognition from their peers as a quality operation
The cove approach
  • We know that not all builders are the same. Before we write any new homebuilder we visit in person and at least once a year thereafter.
  • Residential program is distributed through retail agents only
  • We are not in competition with the traditional E&S GL Market

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